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18 janvier 2014 6 18 /01 /janvier /2014 16:21


Maxim Marcinkiewicz called 'Slasher' is detained in Cuba

transation of the article by LifeNews.Ru on january 18 2014 :






The head of the "Occupy-pedophilia", was arrested on request to enforcement agencies of the law of the Russian Federation, he will soon be delivered to Russia.

you may see the video on LifeNews page : http://lifenews.ru/news/125649

The police detained in Cuba the Internet known activist, the nationalist and founder of the "Occupy-pedophilia" group, Maxim Marcinkiewicz, better known under the pseudonym of 'Slasher'. 

As we already said in 'LifeNews' yesterday morning, the Russian police filed an application on the Interpol wanted list on behalf of Marcinkiewicz. A few hours after receiving the official document from the international organization, the central hotel in Havana, where, according to operational information resided 'Slasher', was raided by the police.

"The Cuban police raided his hotel room," said a source within the law enforcement agencies. "All the equipment was confiscated, it was being used by Maximus Marcinkiewicz, including his cell phone and laptop." According to sources, Marcinkiewicz is still not reachable. 

Despite the fact that the arrest took place at about 8 PM, Moscow time, Friday, January 17, the police officially advised its Russian counterparts on the Functioning of the operation until Monday. The lawyer of Maxim Marcinkiewicz, Alexei Mikhalchik, contacted his client on Friday afternoon. Since then, the human rights activist has not yet spoken with Tesak.

Remember that on December 13, 2013, Marcinkiewicz was arrested in absentia by the District Court of Kuntsevskaya on extremism charges. The reason for extremism charges under Article 282 of the Penal Code, "incitement to hatred or hostility and humiliation, damage to human dignity and violence" lived on three videos posted on YouTube, where 'Slasher' acts in the spirit of the skinhead subculture, and where he supports namely pogroms in Biryulyovo. 

In the videos, Marcinkiewicz urge to expel Russian immigrants from Central Asia, accusing them of serious crimes. A language examination showed that they contain statements and calls to incite hatred or enmity on a national basis. This is also verified in the video clips of the movement "Occupy pedophilia."

Earlier in an interview with LIFEnews, Maxim Marcinkiewicz, against whom a trial is also being investigated for incitement to hatred, said he did not intend to return home, even if the prosecution was stopped . 


According to Marcinkiewicz, the investigation against him is revenge for his action against pedophiles.




. video "Russia : when neo nazis humiliate young gay Russians and mock the rainbow flag"


triangle rose




. video "Ukraine : Alexander Bohun, young X Factor star, was attacked by a Russian neo nazi mob (extracts)"


Bohun 9 b





As Maxim Marcinkiewicz removed almost all of its incriminating videos on his VKontrate page, these two, and others are available for the Russian justice (Jean Rossignol)

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